The world's original art filters such as oil paintings, cartoons, ink painting and etc., are full with analog-painted effect and high performance due to powerful GPU optimization algorithm.


Dynamically adjust the sharpness based on the image boundary strength, Smart-Sharpen algorithm make the image more clearer while suppressing the noise effectively.

Bokeh Effect

Based on the optimized fast convolution algorithm and automatical recognizing the image contents, our Bokeh-Effect technology generate the bokeh effect on light spots which is similar to the digital single lens reflex (DSLR).


Lens-Flare algorithm automatically capture the single point or multi-point light source, combine the light's features and then analog out SLR lens flare effect.


Based on the fast algorithm using multiple iterations in the enlarged image, Tencent Youtu super-resolution algorithm make the image more clearer while retaining more image detail.