Automatical Facial Beauty

Tencent Youtu automatical facial beauty technology has lots of high performance beauty functions, such as : dermabrasion, skin whitening, enlarger eye, thinning face, removing acne, eyelid, changing skin color, etc.

One Key Make Up

Based on our high performance face alignment technology, we developed automatically make up with one key which can perfectly make up the face in the image user uploaded.

Skin Beauty

Skin Beauty technology is consisted of auto removing acne, auto eyelid, auto skin whitening, etc.

Automatical Apply Foundation

Automatical recognizing the face colour and applying foundation, and completely consistent handling for facial and other skin.

Automatical Apply lip gloss

Automatic locating lip area, and then apply lip gloss to make the lip more beautiful.

Automatical Eyebrow Shaping

Automatic locating eyebrow area, and recognizing the eyebrow type and color, and then automatically shaping the eyebrow.

Automatical Apply Eye Make Up

Automatic locating eye area, one key intelligently make up the eye with eyeliner, eyelash, eye shadow and beauty pupil.

Manual Facial Shape Beauty

Real-time Manual Facial Shape Beauty algorithm is WYSIWYG based on global deformation diffusion and looking natural.