Face Detection

After many years of accumulated technology in face detection,this technique can effectively and accurately detect human faces with high accuracy in many complex situations such as multi-pose, complex illumination, multi-skin color, etc. The performance of testing in the FDDB (an international authority of the face detection database) shows that our algorithm is the state-of-the-art worldwide.

Facial Points Localization

Facial points localization algorithm developed by Tencent Youtu can extremely fast and precisely locate the facial key points, which provides a solid foundation for a variety of face technology applications. A large number of test results show that the average error of key points detected by our algorithm and the ground truth is about 2.8 pixel units, which is close to the level of professional manual annotation.

Face Recognition

Tencent Youtu face recognition technology extracts the corresponding face features, retrieves the image database, and then returns the collection of faces with same identity. This technique is robust to various interferences such as lighting, accessories (glasses, etc.), expressions, etc. The recognition accuracy reaches 99.65% in the international authority of the face recognition database LFW, which is at the international forefront.

Face Attribute Detection

Tencent Youtu face attribute detection can quickly recognize gender and age, as well as providing beauty score. The average accuracy reaches 95% in gender detection, and age detection error is less than 5 years.

Face Cartoon Stylization

The Tencent Youtu face cartoon stylization technology can automatically detect faces, calculate the corresponding attributes, and generate a cartoon face which is full of fun. The final result achieves a perfect balance between "similarity" and "beauty".